Shrunk Expand

Payment Form Disclaimer

Dear Performer,

***This email only serves as a confirmation that IMS Broadcasting received your payment form, IMS Broadcasting does not validate the details you provided and cannot guarantee the receiving bank, Postal Service, or PayPal validates the details for the payment instruction.

Any error in these payment details may result in a loss of funds. To the extent permitted by law, IMS LLC (IMS Broadcasting) is not liable for loss arising from any error in instructions given by you or an authorized user.

Pay period is the 15th and the end of the month. Tokens get cashed out every 24 hours and Daily payouts are available to qualified models (contact support@imsfreechat for details).

The minimum commission amount per account is $150.00 (net). Commissions of less than $150.00 are rolled over to the next pay period and paid when the commission balance exceeds $150.00. If you want to quit within 45 days of your beginning date, all monies that you have earned while working will be paid to you at the minimum pay rate, and any fines, administrative costs &/or violations will be deducted, any accounts that are inactive for 45 days will be considered expired and all personal info and past earnings purged unless otherwise notified before by either party.

IMS is not responsible for PayPal payments, checks, or 1099 (Independent Contractor) Tax Forms that are returned to us due to incorrect Login Username, address, or errors in email addresses that do not process due to incorrect account information. It is your responsibility to keep your contact information up-to-date and correct to receive your commission payments. You should also contact us immediately when changes have been made to your Account or Payment Information***

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