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How To Be A Successful Cam Model

1. Ask everyone to save you as a favorite, they will find you easier next time they visit. (You also get an award for 50 and 100 members who save you. try to get these awards while you are New and before you join the list of regular performers. Favorites come at the top of the page when a viewer logs in)

2. To add or change your Topics message type or copy something into the empty space above the chat window
Use your message to remind viewers what you need from them but be polite maybe something like
I am hot and looking for fun in Pvt, please help me with Tips, Power Boosts and save me as a favorite
Welcome to my room, I am new. Please help me with Power Boosts, and Credits and save me as your Favorite.
You could also just add one of these lines into the open chat occasionally if you decide to use something else as a topic message.

3. If you can, make all members feel welcome by saying, Hi and asking something like, How is your day? They will not all respond but any that do will appreciate the effort.

4. Keep smiling, try not to look sad or bored. No matter how provoked you are, do not insult any viewer, just ignore them, and remember that any member can give you a bad review, even if they were the one who was in the wrong, reviews take a long time to clear from the first page of your profile and gives your room a bad appearance

5. Write a new chat message every 5-10 min in open chat to the whole room
(What would you like to see? How was your day? Save me as your favorite, Boost me please, or Looking for fun in private). Use these messages to remind members what they can do to help you, they may forget and be too busy watching if you do not remind them.

If the room goes quiet ask everyone in the room questions, Where are you all from, How old are you all?
6. Ask individual people using their nicknames what they want to see, then do it or give them a price to do it in open chat or say that what they want is only available in private.
(Can I see your feet or cock? Yes for 10 or 25 Credits or a Power Boost, but make sure you get the credits or boost before you do anything though)

7. If someone talks to you in open chat it is best to reply in open chat, it makes your room more interesting for other viewers and means you don’t have to repeat the same answers all the time.
Leave accept Whisper messages on but only use it to reply to messages sent to you as a whisper or if you want to keep your reply secret from the room

8. Move around a lot, stretches and exercises are good (sit-ups or press-ups), Dance, Singing and playing instruments are also good if you know how. Do not always sit also stand and lie down (keep your trousers in view people like to see your bulge)

9. Offer to dance (for 1 song) or do exercises in your underwear or naked for tips.

10. Carefully choose what you wear on cam, (if you decide to wear anything)
Shirts with buttons, T-shirts, and jackets,
Shorts with a zip or buttons.
Nice underwear (tight briefs or baggy shorts)
Jeans without underwear are also good if they are undone.

11. Do not sit still in the same clothes all session take things off, undo things (buttons and zips) and put things back on. Everything except your underwear can come off in open chat if you want. You should avoid being naked in free chat too often, but you can occasionally if you want to. Viewers do not usually tip for what they can already see (except if you have an Ohmibod)

12. Tease your viewers (use your chest, nipples, armpits, muscles, back and feet to do this) but avoid being naked too much unless viewers are tipping. Most people do not pay for what they can have for free (unless you have an Ohmibod when naked is better)
When you are sat in underwear play with your cock keeping it covered (Hard cock in or peeking out of your underwear always looks good)

13. Take time to think, about what can the viewer see when they enter your chat room, is it good to look at bright, colorful, and tidy?

14. Take a look at the site to see what other performers are doing if you can.

15. Grey Users
These are not members and have no credits, so you can ignore them if you are busy or be polite and talk to them if you are not busy.
Do not ever do anything a grey user asks you to do. They are just trying to get something for no credits
A good reply to Greys is
Register for a free account.

16. Always thank in open chat anyone who tips, gives you a boost, takes you private,
or writes a review.
You can use the Message system to send messages to your viewers to thank them for their privates, ask them to leave a review, remind them you exist, and inform them that you are online.

17. Unfortunately, not all people on the Internet are honest, which we are sure you already know. Here are some things to watch out for:
Tips are always accompanied by a tip sound (if tip sounds are enabled in your chat settings) and tips aren’t clickable like emoticons. If you see a fake tip emoticon, you can click on it to report it, and/or report it by notifying support.

18. Make sure you are prepared for negative comments and have a system in place for moderating them. See the article Controlling Your Room for more info on how to keep unruly users out.
Popular bots can help manage your room by blocking specific words or phrases. See “All Time Favorite Bots” for some popular bots.

19. Be wary of anyone claiming to be employed by or representing imsfreechat. If anyone contacts you claiming to be with imsfreechat, please immediately reach out to

20. Username colors
The color of usernames in chat indicates the user status or how many tokens they have tipped:

Orange names are broadcasters
Red names are moderators
Green names are fan club members
Dark Purple names have tipped at least 1000 tokens in the past 2 weeks
Light Purple names have tipped at least 250 tokens in the past 2 weeks
Dark Blue names have tipped at least 50 tokens in the past 2 weeks
Light Blue names own or have purchased tokens
Grey names have no tokens

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