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Webcam Software

We supply you with all of the copy necessary to broadcast live video chat shows. Our software is free of charge and handles everything from video capture to chat.

IMS Quick Support Download IMS Quick Support Download

The Performer Application is used to broadcast live video and chat. During installation it configures your camera for broadcast and walks you through the quick and easy setup procedure.

Easy Installation

Installing the Performer Application is just like any other program you’ve installed in the past. When it starts up, it will also check for updates to ensure you have the latest version before broadcasting.

Eject and Ban Customers

Ever have an abusive chatter in your room before? With our software this problem is a thing of the past! You can eject a chatter from your room and even ban them.

Chat Monitor Application

For studios with more than one performer, the Chat Monitor application is a vital tool for business. This single application lets you view all of your performers on a single screen!

For Studio Operators: View Your Performers

All Performerse At-a-Glance
On the main screen you can view all of your performers, the status of their room and general information about their video streams.

View a Performer Room

Clicking on a row brings up the chat room where you can talk to your performer, encourage customers to go private or view more detailed information on their video settings, etc.

Ready to Get Started….Simply fill out the Model/Studio Express Application and in most cases we can have you up and running and making Money within the hour.

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